• State High School Facility Project
    Community Engagement Action Team
     Bob O'Donnell speaks to the group
    Left, Bob O'Donnell, superintendent, speaks to the Community Engagement Action Team at the March 13 meeting about next steps in the process.
    The Community Engagement Action Team met Jan. 16, Feb. 5, March 13, and April 17, 2013, with a large lively group working on ways to engage our community in the process of a high school renovation/building project.
    Anyone interested in serving on the committee can apply online or by email to the public information office. The meetings of the team are open to the public and time will be given at the end of the meeting for public comment.
    Each committee meeting will occur in a public/open manner so that anyone can observe. There will be time for public comment at each meeting.
Last Modified on May 17, 2013