2022-2023 Booster Club Information  

    Board Members

    President: Molly Koehle

    Past President: Tracie Doucette

    Vice President: Tonia Sulman

    Secretary: Deanna Locke

    Treasurer: Jean Brownstead

    Banquet Coordinator: Tracie Doucette

    Diving Representative: OPEN

    Volunteer Coordinator: Breffni Noone

    Districts Coordinator: Molly Koehle and Chris Uhlig

    Team Apparel Coordinator: Tonia Sulman

    Meal Coordinator: Alec Castro
    Special Events Coordinators:

    • Pancake breakfast – Krista Watschke

    • Teacher Appreciation Night – Margo Kowalik

    • Senior Night – Angie Erdley and Melinda Ohlson

    • Alumni Night – Molly Koehle

    • Media Relations – Cale Brownstead




    Provides financial and administrative support to the swimming and diving teams

    Promotes community and school spirit through various events

    Supports various opportunities for team-building and celebration, including senior recognition and the end-of season banquet

    Facilitates communication between coaches, parents, players, fans, and the SCASD Athletic Office

    Coordinates community service activities for players

Last Modified on January 30, 2023