• Studen-led tour of the high school Tours - Tours of both buildings left from the cafeteria every 10 minutes from 5:30 p.m. until 6:00 p.m. Approximately 75 people took advantage of the student-led tours. Building maintenance staff were also available for questions in the tour groups. (photo left: a student gives a tour of a science classroom in the south building.)
    Watch - The meeting was broadcast live on CNET and is available to watch as streaming video on CNET1.org.
    thumb tack Download the PowerPoint presented at the meeting.  PowerPoint version (14.7mb)  PDF version (11mb)
    thumb tack Respond - During the presentation audience members reacted to questions on the screen using iClickers. After viewing the PowerPoint you may also respond to the same questions using this online version of the questions.  
    Agendaaudience at community forum
    Community Forum
    Jan. 23, 2013
    7 p.m. High School South Auditorium
    1) Welcome & Process Overview

    2) Calendar Overview / Update

    3) Master Planning Concepts

    4) Site Evaluation Process

    5) Educational Planning Process

    6) Optional Audience Questions and Comments
     (Approximately 165 people attended the Community Forum)

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