• History of High School North

    On November 17, 1957 the new State College High School was dedicated by the College Area Schools.
    The construction was begun in 1955 as noted on the High School North building's plaque. 
    The dedication begins with this Presentation:
         The Board of Eduction of the College Area takes justifiable pride in presenting the new Senior High School to the citizens of College Township, Ferguson Township, Harris Township, Half Moon Township, Patton Township and State College Borough. The building has been designed to meet the educational needs of a modern society, and the architecture is an interpretation of the culture of the times. The State College High School of the the College Area Schools is dedicated to the high standards of education for all those who are seeking intellectual advancement.
    Roy S. Jamison, Supervising Principal, College Area Schools
     The following photos were scanned from the dedication booklet. Scroll down to see what was happening in the world in 1955.
    What was happening in 1955 when construction began on the High School:
    Jan 7th - Marian Anderson becomes first black singer to perform at Met (NYC)
    Jan 15th - USSR ends state of war with German Federal Republic
    Jan 19th - 1st presidential news conference filmed for TV (Eisenhower)
    Jan 20th - 1st atomic sub, USS Nautilus, launched at Groton Conn

    Jan 25th - US & Panama sign canal treaty
    Feb 12th - McGuire Sisters' "Sincerely" single goes to #1 & stays #1 for 10 weeks

    Mar 3rd - Elvis Presley made his 1st TV appearance
    Mar 30th - 27th Academy Awards - "On the Waterfront," Brando & Grace Kelly win
    Apr 5th - Winston Churchill resigns as British PM, Anthony Eden succeeds him

    Apr 6th - US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
Apr 10th - Dr Jonas Salk successfully tests Polio vaccine
Apr 15th - Ray Kroc starts McDonald's chain of fast food restaurants (Illinois)
    Apr 22nd - Congress orders all US coins bear motto "In God We Trust"

    May 5th - West Germany granted full sovereignty by 3 occupying powers
    May 14th - Warsaw Pact is signed by the Soviet Union, Albania, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, East Germany, Hungary, Poland & Romania
    May 31st - Supreme Court orders school integration "with all deliberate speed"
Jun 6th - Bill Haley & Comets, "Rock Around the Clock" hits #1

    Jun 7th - "$64,000 Question" premieres on CBS TV

    Jun 7th - 1st President to appear on color TV (Eisenhower)

    Jun 7th - India premier Nehru visit USSR
    Jun 30th - "Johnny Carson Show," debuts on CBS-TV

    July - The White House announced plans to launch an Earth-orbiting satellite and in September 1955 the Naval Research Laboratory's Vanguard proposal was chosen.
    Jul 11th - New USAF Academy dedicated at Lowry AFB in Colo with 300 cadets

    Jul 17th - Disneyland opens its doors in rural Orange County
Jul 18th - 1st electric power generated from atomic energy sold commercially
Aug 8th - Fidel Castro forms "July 26th Movement"
    Sep 28th - 1st World Series color TV broadcast on NBC-TV (Yanks beat Dodgers)
    Oct 3rd - "Mickey Mouse Club" premieres

    Oct 25th - Austria resumed its sovereignty after departure of last Allied occupation forces, for 1st time since German occupation of 1938
    Oct 25th - Tappan sells 1st microwave oven

    Nov 2nd - David Ben-Gurion forms Israeli government
    Dec 1st - Rosa Parks arrested for refusing to move to the back of bus

    One month prior to the High School Dedication:
    Oct. 4, 1957 - History changed when the Soviet Union successfully launched Sputnik I. That launch ushered in new political, military, technological, and scientific developments. All over America, schools were suddenly in flux, thanks to a growing paranoia that Soviet education was superior. There were programs in schools that didn't exist before. There were special classes for smart kids with science and space travel a new priority. Several of the changes, such as including hands-on laboratory experience, remain in use today.
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