• Online Enrollment

    SCASD is currently enrolling for both the 2020-2021 school year and the 2021-2022 school year 

    Read all directions first, then complete the process.  If you are already an active student in one of the State College Buildings you do not need to register each year.
    Use Chrome browser and a computer.  Not recommended on use on your phone.  This process may take up to 10 minutes to complete.
    Please Note: There is a TWO-step process to enroll your child for the school year.  IF YOU DO NOT COMPLETE ALL steps below your child will not be registered.
    Directions for the Online Enrollment Form are below:
    STEP ONE - complete the Online Enrollment Form
    1)  Click on the following link:  https://homeaccess.scasd.org/EO_Parent/User/Login.aspx  - if you are asked to select a database select: SCASD Live
    2)  If you have never used the online enrollment program click on Register New Account and complete the form.
          (Please REMEMBER your username and passowrd as we cannot retrieve)
            ** If you do not have an email account you will need to obtain one to complete the process      
    3)  Click on "New Form"
    4)  In the drop-down menu you'll see "2021 Registration Form" (current school year) or "Registration Form SY 2021-22"
    5)  Click on "GO"
    6)  Fill in each area, in order, by clicking on the + sign to expand the information
          School year- check the appropriate school year, do not fill in the first day of school
          Contact Information - enter each person individually, do not enter spouses together on the same line. 
          After you have entered parent/guardian information for the first parent/guardian, click "Save" at
          the bottom of the page. To add another parent/guardian, click "Add Contact" to add another
    7)  Once you have completed all sections, check the "I Agree" box and click the "Submit" button
    8)  Once you have submitted the form you will receive a confirmation email from the registration office
         indicating we have received the application.  At this point please see STEP TWO below
        *  If you cannot complete the form all at once, click on the "Save" button and click the "Home" button in
            the upper right hand corner. You can log in at a later time to complete the application.  PLEASE
            REMEMBER your user name and password as we cannot retrieve them.
        *  If you have multiple students entering for the coming school year, you can click on the "Home" button
            in the upper right hand corner. This will take you back to "New Form" screen. Click on "New Form"
           then click "Copy Basic Information From" and indicate which student you want to copy. Click "Go."
           The only information that will be copied is student and parent/guardian address and phone numbers.
               -  Child's birth certificate or passport
               -  Immunization records
               -  Proof of residency (the only acceptable forms are: current signed lease agreement, current utility
                  bill, or tax bill)
               -  Court order custody or guardian documentation if applicable
    Note for Grades 9-12: Students for the 2021-22 school year that will be in grades 9-12 you must submit a course request form found here: course request form.  To view the course guide please visit here: Course selection guide for 2021-22
    If you have any questions please feel free to contact the Registration Office at 814-231-1017 or email registrar@scasd.org.  
Last Modified on January 13, 2021