Student Assistance Program
    When you or a friend need help, SAP can help!
    Do you know someone who is 
    • often sad or angry?
    • dieting all the time?
    • experimenting with drugs? alcohol? prescription drugs?
    • falling apart at school?
    • suffering from verbal, sexual, or physical abuse from an older sibling, a parent, or a relative?
    • is thinking about running away from home?
    • is thinking about hurting himself or herself?
    S.A.P. or Student Assistance Program is a program dedicated to helping students who are having problems in or out of school. S.A.P. is a nationwide program designed to help students who are at risk. At varying times during all of our lives, we have been depressed, struggled with fitting in, and may have even thought about experimenting with controlled substances. It is at this point that a team of trained concerned professionals can lend a helping hand in a non-punitive manner.  Find out more and download a referral form from the sites below.
    Links to Student Assistance Program web pages:
    Please refer to Instructional Support Team (IST) or Multi Tiered Systems of Support Team (MTSS) for Elementary related Student Assistance Program Services.
Last Modified on December 14, 2023