• Tennis Etiquette for Spectators


    Watching tennis matches is different from watching some other sports. Tennis is a quieter sport, and spectators are expected to follow certain guidelines. Here are some things to remember:


    •    Spectators should not coach or talk directly to players during matches. Persons other than the coaching staff who talk to players during a match may be asked to leave and can cause point penalties for the players.

    •   Spectators should not make complaints about “bad”line calls. Players are solely responsible for resolving all matters on their own. Players/coaches may request line judges if needed.


    •    Spectators should not correct a score or any rule mistakes players make.  


    •   Spectators should keep voices respectfully quiet during and just before the beginning of any points.  


    •   Spectators should not cheer, shout encouragement, or applaud during a point or serve.


    •   Applaud - after the point - for a long rally, well played point, or clean winner. Do not applaud for unforced errors, bad serves or double faults. Applauding or laughing after an error is usually seen as disrespectful even if your player of choice earned a point due to his/her opponent’s misfortune.


    •   Please do not take it upon yourself to reprimand misbehaving parents/fans from opposing schools.


    •   Refrain from body-painting, waving giant foam things, and wearing helmets OF ANY SORT.


Last Modified on January 4, 2018