Community/Business (5-9)
    1. Business or Community Members
    Tim Hurley - DIApedia, LLC Technology Firm
    Tony Johnson - Haas Building Solutions
    Brian Rabian - Mental Health Services
    Denise McCann - Division Director of Youth Services, Youth Service Bureau
    Sally Lenker - Realtor
    James Steff - Executive Director, Centre Region Council of Governments (COG)
    Marion Wheland - PDA for PSU, Retired Elem Teacher

    2. Penn State University (3)
    David Monk - Dean of Education, Penn State University
    Jackie Edmonson - Associate Dean of College of Education
    Jim Nolan - College of Education, Penn State University

    3. Parents (5)
    Amy Allison - Parent/Faculty (Delta)
    Gregory Billy - Career and Technical Center Program
    Rebecca Misangyi - High School
    Candace Lyons - Middle School
    Anne Kerber - Elementary School

    4. Faculty (9-12 participants)
    Lisa Bevan - Elementary
    Susan Brindle - High School Counselor
    Mardi Frye-Dunklebarger - Educational Specialist Elementary Librarian
    Dotty Delafield - Educational Specialist Middle School Librarian
    Tod McPherson - High School
    Sarah Griffith - CTC/High School
    Amy Anderson - Middle School (Art Teacher)
    Chris Merritt - Coordinator (English)
    Mary Peterson - FCS High School
    Linda Eggebeen - Health Phys Ed
    Penni Leigey - Physical Plant Interim Supervisor Middle School
    Holli Jo Warner - 6th Grade Teacher
    Patricia Weaver - Secretary Middle School
    Kristen Hall - K to 6 Instructional Coach

    5. Administrators (9)
    Robert O’Donnell - Superintendent
    Mike Hardy - Assistant Superintendent
    Jason Perrin - Supervisor of Elementary & Middle Level Education
    Brian Peters - Director of K-6 Curriculum
    Jacquelyn Martin - Director of 7-12 Curriculum
    Mr. Scott DeShong - High School Administrator
    Karen Wiser - Middle Level Administrator
    Mike Maclay - Elementary School Administrator
    Pat Moore - Director of Special Education
    Jeanne Knouse - Director of Student Services

    6. School Board (3)
    Amber Concepcion
    David Hutchinson
    Laurel Zydney

    7. Students (6)
    Bobby Bendik - Freshman
    Kristine Lai - Freshman
    Sarah McNutt - Sophomore
    Freddie Zheng - Junior
    Christina Ghinos - 2013 graduate
    Samantha Divirgilio - Delta Advisory Council
    Geoffrey Billy - CTC, Engineering
    Ryan Czekaj - High School
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