When school is cancelled or delayed due to weather, early morning band or orchestra rehearsal is CANCELLED for that day. However, daytime instructional lessons are NOT CANCELLED and students should bring their instruments. Schedules will be rearranged and compacted to accommodate everyone to the best of our abilities. 
    The key to a young musician's success is 10% instruction and 90% home practice. A suggested minimum average is 20-30 minutes a day, five days a week. A great way to accomplish this is to incorporate instrument practice with the regular homework session. Begin and end each homework session with 10-15 minutes of practice, then hit the books, then end with another 10-15 minutes of practice. There are other helpful suggestions inside the cover of each student's Assignment Practice Record booklet.
    Every summer SCASD offers a five-week music camp for band and orchestra players of all levels. The camp includes an hour-long rehearsal every morning Monday through Friday. The program culminates with a concert. No home practice is required for students who play in summer groups! Click here to see the district web page for summer music dates and registration.
Last Modified on March 6, 2013