• When you are planning a field trip with your class or club/activity, please follow these procedures at least one month prior to travel:
    1. Follow this link to the transportation office to get an estimate on the cost of transportation for your trip as well as download a request form.  The form will need to be printed and submitted to the coordinator (if curricular) and building principal in addition to the other documents.
    2. Open filemaker, click file, open, remote, and type in or select fermium.scasd.org as the host and choose login under available files.
    3. connect to the FM application "District Planned Student Travel" (if this button is not on your list, please contact the helpdesk)
    4. Click "Create New Field Trip" button and Fill out the form completely.
    *important note**Please make sure to keep guest teacher and guest nurse costs in the building column, not student.
    Click "Print Form" to forward to appropriate people for signatures. 
    5. Create your itinerary and permission form letters for students and families that will be sent home along with the health information form (available in mail rooms).  A copy of this letter, transportation request, and dpst request should all be attached into a packet.
    6. Sign all documents and forward first to your coordinator (if it is a curricular trip) or to your building principal for activities.  Once signed documents are returned, information can be distributed to students.
Last Modified on April 17, 2013