• These concepts are under consideration. One of these concepts will be refined into schematic designs. The cost estimates are current as of 4/22/13 and will be updated.
    Concept A - Complete replacement of the existing buildings on Westerly Parkway with two new buildings on same site.  
    Concept B: additions and renovations to both north and south building with a connecting walkway
    Concept C: Renovations only on Westerly Parkway. New HVAC systems, but building footprint will not be altered
    Concept D: All core academic areas will be located on South side of Westerly Pkwy using renovation and/or new construction  
     Concept E: Construction of a new school at a new site with space for all students 9-12 within 2 miles.
    Concept F: Two high schools. Renovate and/or build 2 9-12 school on 2 sites.  
Last Modified on May 15, 2013