• Reading With Mrs. Bandel

    Most parents want to know what Title I Reading looks like in my classroom.  I always say that it varies depending on the grade level I am instructing and the individual needs of my students.  Please see my Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page if your questions are not answered here.

    My Philosophy

    I feel that every child can learn.  I also feel that everyone learns at their own pace and in various ways.  What this means is I may take in and use information differently than you do, but we still are learning.  I change my instruction to meet the needs of my students.  If a child needs more instruction on fluency, then we do more work with fluency.  If they need specific help with making connections, then we focus more on that concept.  As long as a child is making forward progress, I feel they are being successful in their learning.  When forward progress stops or if the child starts regressing, that's when I become concerned.

    I also feel that parents are a huge component in a child's learning.  Your involvement is crucial in order for your child to be successful in school and life.  If you want more information on how you can get involved with the Title I program.  Please follow this link to my Parent Involvement Page. 

    At Home Reading Program

    Reading at home is very important for students.  I know that the classroom teachers all have an at-home reading program that they do with their students.   I will be checking in with their teachers to make sure they are reading at home.  Students should read at least 10 minutes every day.  I have books in my classroom library that my younger students will bring home to practice the strategies we learn in class.  Please be sure to encourage your child and listen to them read these books.  Also, with the older students, please ask them questions about what they're reading.  You could also read the same book as them to do an "at-home" book club and talk about the book with your child.  If you would like more information about reading with your child, please contact me.  You are the greatest influence on your child and can make a world of difference in their lives by reading with them every day. 

Last Modified on August 24, 2016