• FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

    Besides "What is Title I?"  there are many questions that parents have when they hear that their child may need Title I services.  Hopefully this page will help answer any questions for you.  If you have more questions or want more information than what is given here, please feel free to contact me at dlf11@scasd.org.

    How will I know if my child is eligible for Title I Support?

    Your child's teacher will contact you if he/she feels that your child would benefit from Title I support.

    What criteria was used to decide whether or not my child needs Title I support?
    This question is contingent upon your child's grade level.  How your child performs in class during their reading group times and how they do on universal assessments, show us how well your child is reaching the district benchmarks for reading.  For children in grades 1 and 2: this could be the classroom teacher's running records and whole class comprehension assessments, as well as their AIMS Web fluency scores.  For children in grades 3 - 5: if the teacher feels your child is struggling in class with reading and their MAP score is below the average, they then ask for your permission for a Title I teacher to test your child.  Also, if your child scores Basic or Below Basic on the PSSAs, they may ask for your permission to test your child just to make sure that they are not falling behind in reading.  Just because your child is assessed for Title I instruction, does not mean that they will qualify for services.

    How does my child qualify for Title I Services?

    Once you give permission, your child is then assessed by the Title I teacher. 

    Three criteria are used to decide whether or not your child qualifies for Title I services. These criteria vary depending on the grade level.  For grades 1 and 2 they are: AIMS Web fluency test, Title I teacher Running Records, and Classroom Teacher Running Records.  For grades 3 - 5 they are: AIMS Web fluency test, running record, and the MAP assessment.  In order for your child to qualify for services they must perform below grade level on two out of the three assessments. 

    How often might my child receive Title I support?

    This year, Title I is only focusing on Reading.  In the past, we have also serviced students in Math instruction.  Since we are no longer servicing students in Math, we are able to now see all of our Reading students 5 days per week.  
    At Corl Street Elementary:
    Grade 1 & 2 will be seen 5 days a week for 40 minutes each day.  
    Grades 3 - 5 will be seen 5 days a week for 30 minutes each day. 

    What will my child miss while they are at Title I?

    Since Title I is "extra" help and does not replace your child's regular classroom reading instruction, they do not get pulled during reading times.  Your child will not miss lunch, recess, reading, math, or specials.  Your child may miss, social studies, science, spelling, writing, or geography.  I know that many teachers try to vary what your child misses each time they leave the classroom so they are not always missing the same subject.  When your child is out of the room for Title I instruction, they generally have time later in the day to "make-up" what they missed.  They are never to be penalized for missing an assignment when they are with their Title I teacher.  I also try very hard to work with the teachers and students around special assignments such as, guest speakers, labs, and important speeches or presentations.

    Again for more information on Title I, please feel free to contact me at dlf11@scasd.org.  You can also visit the District's Title I web page at the following link.  Thank you!
Last Modified on August 24, 2016