• PAC ( Parent Advisory Council)

    The PAC, or Parent Advisory Council, is a federally mandated program that all Title I schools and districts must implement.  This is a committee that is made up of parents and the Title I teachers in the building.  At the district level it is made up of parents and the Title I coordinators. 

    What does this committee do?

    This committee makes decisions on how we spend our money.  What resources should we purchase and why?  What activities/trainings should we offer for families?  This is the same for both the building level and district level PAC.

    How often does PAC meet?

    It varies depending on the school.  Usually this is a decision that the parents and teachers make once the committee is formed.  In the past, the committee only met once in a school year.  The meeting was to decide what activities to offer during the year and to iron out details about the activities (what types of food should we have if any?, what resources do we need to carry out the activity?, etc.).  If necessary, we could have a final meeting in order to reflect on what worked and what we might want to change for the next time.

    At the District level, I believe you meet possibly 2 times a year.  This also varies depending on what the parents involved on the committee decide. 

    This is all about your involvement and your ideas.  You are the ones who guide how often we meet and what types of programs are offered to the Title I families.

    More information on PAC will be available throughout the school year.  Please feel free to contact me at dlf11@scasd.org  if you have any questions or would like to be involved in your child's Title I program.  Thank you!
Last Modified on August 24, 2016