• IV. Community Impact
    Q: Has there been a community impact study for the residential properties near the current high school site?
    A: There has not been such a study and none is currently planned. Depending on the final concepts under consideration as the project continues, State College Borough, as the local municipality, might conduct that study, but with an unknown, potential future occupant it would be difficult to do.
    Q: What exactly is to become of the current high school sites if the “new site” options are selected?
    A: If a decision is approved by the voters to relocate the high school, potential plans for the current campus would need to be considered. The last appraisal of the site was roughly $6 million and sale of the land could be considered to offset the cost of land acquisition, but that is only one of many possible scenarios. State College Borough, as the local municipality, would be involved if the school district were to decide to sell the land.
    Q: Would the district use either of these sites for other uses or is selling a foregone conclusion?
    A: Even if the district asks for voter approval to build the high school on another site, selling the Westerly Parkway site is NOT a foregone conclusion.
    Q: Will the Board and district be able to provide the research collected along the way for each option to show positives and negatives for each option, including finances, safety, educational program, mechanical issues, etc.?
    A: As this information is developed, it will be shared as part of school board meetings and included in public presentations. As the educational program is more fully defined, we will indicate which options fully support that program and which options do not support the program as well.
Last Modified on May 15, 2013