• VI. Safety
    Q: How can we make our buildings safe?
    A: There are a number of ways to improve building safety:
    ● Limit entry and exit points
    ● Structure the buildings to better manage student movement
    ● Structure the buildings to minimize hidden “private” spaces
    ● Structure the buildings to allow better surveillance
    ● Create secure vestibules for entry into the building(s)
    Q: Safety concerns if we stay with this location, how will we better manage street crossing?
    A: This is a design question that will be discussed as the concept develop.
    ● Potential solutions:
    ○ Consolidate North and South into one building
    ○ Build additions closer to Westerly and connect with bridge
    ○ Structure buildings with one secure and monitored entry/exit point at each building
Last Modified on May 15, 2013