Community Feedback: Concept Pros & Cons, and Website Comments
    The document below includes a chart capturing all unique comments from the April Community Forums and all Community Conversation meetings held to date. At each of these meetings, we're asking the attendees to share their thinking regarding each of the concepts, and also to indicate what additional information they would need to help them make a decision regarding the high school project. To date, approximately 204 residents have attended these meetings.
    Additionally, we have added comments from the Foxdale retirement community meeting on May 10. We are in the process of confirming meetings with the other two large retirement communities within our district boundaries.
    We will use the "additional information needed" feedback to update the Frequently Asked Questions and incorporate it into remaining meetings when possible. 
    The second part of the document is a compilation of all comments gathered through the digital dropbox on our high school website. This document was also shared at the Board Work Session on May 13, 2013.
Last Modified on May 17, 2013