• These aerial photos taken in the years 1938, 1957 and 1971 show the development of the area around the current high school property on Westerly Parkway.
    There is no Westerly Parkway and, beyond Prospect and Hamilton, mostly undeveloped land borders State College.
     1938 aerial photo of State College
    The Frasier Street School is shown where the post office stands today. The High School (now North) was just completed and dedicated in November of 1957. Westerly Parkway ends at the High School. Beyond it is farmland.
    1957 aerial photo of State College

    Both High Schools are now completed (South in 1962) and Westerly Parkway has been extended. The area is being developed but lots of farm land still exists only a few blocks away.
     Aerial photo of State College in 1971
    The images above are cropped from much larger, high resolution images taken of State College and surrounding areas. If you would like to download the larger images, use the files below:
    1938 (6 MB JPG)
    1957 (10 MB JPG)
    1971 (17.3 MB JPG)
    Current Google look at the area:
    Google earth view of our area  
Last Modified on June 3, 2013