• Third Community Forum

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    small groups meet at the forum The Third Community Forum on the High School Project was held Thursday, April 25 from 7 to 8:30 p.m. and on Saturday April 27, 2013 from 10 to 11:30 a.m. in the High School South Auditorium. Approximately 70 people attended the two events. The focus was an update on concepts, sites and costs along with information on the planned community survey. Small groups gave feedback on pros and cons of the concepts and what information they still need in order to make an informed decision on the project.
    Tours: Student-led tours gave community members a firsthand look at the condition of the two high school buildings. Maintenance personnel were also on hand to answer any questions. 
    Forum Agenda

    1. Overview & Housekeeping
    • Goals of the forum:
    ◦ Improve community understanding of project planning to date, as well as upcoming actions
    ◦ Obtain thinking of attendees relating to the project concepts and further information needed

    2. Project Goals, Strategies & Outcomes - Flyer

    3. Educational Planning Update

    4. Site Concepts Update

    5. Concepts & Cost Updates

    6. Tax Implications

    7. Survey Overview
    • Determine which concepts are most/least supported by the community
    • Inform board’s decisions in narrowing concepts
    • help board understand how much the community is willing/able to pay for a high school project
    • Educate community about status of HS Project Planning
    • Allow Board to obtain evidence via valid sampling process
    Number of people being surveyed: 6,750
    Timeframe: 3rd week of May with report coming to board in early July

    8. Small Group Discussion & Feedback
    • Please record a) two pros and two cons for each Concept, and b) what additional information you need.

    9. Public Comment & Questions
     Saturday's small group discussion
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