Welcome to the Booster Club Page! 
    Membership: All parents, acting guardians, and coaches of all of the State College Cheerleaders, grades 7-12. We are one! 
    The 2019-2020 season should be an exciting one! The Booster Club is already hard at work to provide volunteers and much needed financial support for the entire cheerleading program. 

    The Booster Club Board would like to take this opportunity to ask all parents and acting guardians to attend the State College Cheerleader Booster Club meetings and become active as a member. Funds raised through the club are used to provide pre-game meals, refreshments during pre-season practices, banquet expenses, along with other costs. The Booster Club also plays a vital role in planning and hosting our annual cheerleading competition in February. Please check this site for updates and contact the board members with any booster club related questions. 

    2019 - 2020 Officers:
    President: Yvette Willson
    Vice President:
    Summer Radzanowski
    Treasurer: Ann LaMotte
    Secretary: Margie Haller/ Cathy Leonard
Last Modified on February 18, 2020