• Elementary Instrumental Music 



    Welcome to the Elementary Instrumental Program at State College Area School District! 

    This is an exciting time for elementary students as they can now make their first big choice regarding their personal curriculum in school.  All of the instrumental music lessons are free of charge, and we're so fortunate to have a truly outstanding instrumental music faculty in the district dedicated to helping each child succeed. 

    At the start of the school year, your child experiences a demonstration assembly that allows them to see and listen to the instruments offered through State College Area School District.  To learn more about the instrumental program and how to register, follow the steps below.

  • Steps to Joining the Elementary Instrumental Music Program!


    Your child chooses an instrument.

    Please visit the "Instrument Choices" tab to listen and see more about our instrument options.
    Students are more likely to succeed at an instrument they like.
    Please let your instrumental teacher know if you have budget concerns.


    Register your child.

    Fill out the short "Registration Form" to sign up your child.


    Acquire an instrument and supplies.

    Please visit the "Instruments & Supplies" tab to find out how to obtain an instrument and necessary supplies.


    Lessons begin.

    Lessons will start a few weeks into the school year.  
    Your child's instrumental teacher will communicate the date of the first lesson.

Last Modified on August 28, 2019