56th Annual Summer Band and Orchestra School


    ***Location change:  Summer Band Groups 1 - 3

    will meet at MNMS in the cafeteria.  

    Summer Band & Orchestra are ON for 2021!!!

    Online registration opens March 1, 2021 thru June 1, 2021. 

    Register you child for the grade they will be in during the 21-22 school year.

    You may need to edit your child's profile.


    (This will take you to the Community Education website)

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    (July 5 is a holiday.  No groups will meet.)


    *All SCASD Covid 19 safety protocols will be followed. 

    See https://www.scasd.org/Page/37974 to view the district and music  plans.

    All students will need facemasks.

    Brass & Woodwind players will need slotted facemasks and bell covers for playing.  Please talk to your instrumental music teachers if you have questions.


              Band 1:  Wednesday, July 14 - 6pm - grassy field between MNE, MNMS, & Panorama

              Bands 2 & 3:  Wednesday, July 14 - 7pm - grassy field between MNE, MNMS, & Panorama

              Band 4:  Thursday, July 15 - 7pm - grassy field between MNE, MNMS, & Panorama

              Strings 1 & 2 and Chamber Strings:  Friday, July 16 - 7pm

                        - grassy field between MNE, MNMS, & Panorama


    Parking for concerts:  Please park in the MNMS parking lot

    Concert seating:  Please bring your lawn chairs, if you like

    Concert attendee safety:  Please wear your face masks and remain physically distant




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    Please note:  When registering multiple children within the same family, in order for the multi-children discount to process they need to be registered at the same time, in the same registration order. 


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    Questions?  Contact:  Music Coordinator, Molly McAninch - mbm11@scasd.org

    or voicemail 814.231.1011 ext. 8212

Last Modified on June 16, 2021