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    The Radio Park Parent-Teacher Organization or PTO is a group of parents (or guardians) who volunteer to work closely with our principal and teachers to help enrich the educational experience of the children at our school. As part of Radio Park Elementary, you are automatically a member of the PTO.

    As a parent, you are always welcome to join us at our PTO meetings, which are held on the second Mondays of most months at 7pm, usually held in the Radio Park library. These meetings are a great way to learn what’s happening at our school and how you can make a difference. A schedule of the meetings for the current school year can be found on the main page or through our online calendar.

    PTO fundraisers support our school in many ways including Mini-Grants, which provide teaching materials for our classrooms. Funds also help to pay for field trips, support our Author/Illustrator visits and have enabled us to provide special equipment for our school.
    The PTO also organizes a wide variety of fun events throughout the school year. These events are held to help build a sense of community among Radio Park families.
    We also encourage you to sign up for the Radio Park listserv to receive emails about the school, events, and PTO communications. To subscribe to the listserv, simply send an email t rppto-subscribe@scasd.org.
    We love to see new AND returning faces at our PTO meetings and we also greatly appreciate the efforts of both parents and teachers in making Radio Park such a wonderful place for our kids to learn and grow!
    Radio Park's PTO Bylaws are available via the link below. They were developed during the 2007-2008 academic year and approved on May 20, 2008. Most recent review was in September of 2018. Questions regarding these Bylaws should be directed to the PTO Officers.     Radio Park PTO Bylaws 
    The Radio Park PTO is a 501(c)(3) organization.  As such: 
    Organizations described in section 501(c)(3) are commonly referred to as charitable organizations. Organizations described in section 501(c)(3), other than testing for public safety organizations, are eligible to receive tax-deductible contributions in accordance with Code section 170.

    A charitable organization must provide a written disclosure statement to donors of a quid pro quo contribution in excess of $75. A quid pro quo contribution is a payment made to a charity by a donor partly as a contribution and partly for goods or services provided to the donor by the charity. For example, if a donor gives a charity $100 and receives a concert ticket valued at $40, the donor has made a quid pro quo contribution. In this example, the charitable contribution portion of the payment is $60. Even though the part of the payment available for deduction does not exceed $75, a disclosure statement must be filed because the donor's payment (quid pro quo contribution) exceeds $75. The required written disclosure statement must:

    1. Inform the donor that the amount of the contribution that is deductible for federal income tax purposes is limited to the excess of any money (and the value of any property other than money) contributed by the donor over the value of goods or services provided by the charity, and
    2. Provide the donor with a good faith estimate of the value of the goods or services that the donor received.
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