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    Modern Classics explores the nature of modern texts and how they respond to modern issues. How can literature make meaning in regard to culture and current events? To what extent does literature reflect or shape our world? How do we know quality texts when we read them? Students will read and write about a variety of modern works––fiction, nonfiction, poetry, plays, or essays and evaluate the elements distinguishing them as classics. In addition to leading class discussions, creating and sharing presentations, students will write argumentative and analytical pieces and use research to support their ideas. This is a college preparatory level course designed for students of varied interests and abilities and is one in which everyone can progress and feel successful.  Our emphasis is on developing critical thinking skills as a community of readers preparing for post-high school learning.  Expectations include a willingness to take risks, contribute, and work independently and collaboratively.  Students will select and read their own choice books as a regular part of the course.


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Last Modified on October 18, 2021