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    Spanish 1B

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    In Beginning Spanish 1, students learn basic vocabulary and begin to develop the four language skill areas: listening, speaking, reading and writing.  The course concentrates on the use of everyday Spanish language.  Students converse in Spanish and have an opportunity to learn about Hispanic cultures.  Oral participation in class is essential, and assessments address all four-language skills.  Homework is assigned nearly every day.  Assessments include oral and written activities, quizzes, tests, projects and presentations.   

    course materials 




    Lessons  (cardstock handouts)

    Más Práctica (workbook)

    Curso Completo (workbook)

    Students should keep additional handouts in a notebook.




    1.Lección preliminar

    - greetings
    - numbers
    - calendar
    - geography
    - alphabet and pronunciation- useful phrases


    - people
    - subject pronouns
    - places
    - preferences
    - activities
    - formal v. informal
    - verb  SER
    - verb GUSTAR
    - infinitives


    - adjectives & colors
    - definite & indefinite articles
    - agreements in gender and number

    1.3 FAMILY

    - family relationships
    - possessive adjectives
    - calendar continued
    - using DE to describe possession
    - verb TENER

    2.1 SCHOOL

    - school subjects
    - classroom activities
    - school objects and places
    - saying how often
    - HAY QUE vs.  TENER QUE
    - AR verbs


    - telling time
    - interrogatives
    - verb IR
    - contractions AL and DEL
    - intro to food vocabulary
    - introduction to POR vs. PARA


    - after-school activities
    - sequencing events
    - places
    - ER & -IR verbs
    - IR + a + infinitive
    - verbs with irregular YO forms


    - extending invitations
    - expressing feelings using ESTAR
    - saying what just happened using ACABAR
    - talking on the phone (email, cell phone, etc)

    3.2  SPORTS

    - sports & equipment
    - locations
    - stem-changing verbs
    - making comparisons
    - review SABER and CONOCER


    - asking and talking about the weather
    - seasons & clothing
    - TENER expressions to describe how you feel
    - verb CREER + QUE
    - nature
    - going on vacation
    - direct object pronouns
    - present progressive

    major exams/projects;



    There will be an in-class exam for each unit 1, 2 & 3.  Unit exams will include sections on listening, writing and reading.  During the last marking period, a project will replace the exam and will concentrate on speaking. 

    A cumulative final exam will be taken in 3 parts.  The writing portion and the speaking portion will be taken in class in the month of May.  The final portion will include multiple-choice questions on reading, vocabulary and grammar.  You will have one hour for this portion of the final exam.  It is given during finals week at a time determined by the administration. 

    grading practice/policy



    Marking period grades are calculated using a

    total point score of the following:

    1. Workbooks

    2. In-class independent assignments

    3. Quizzes

    4. Projects

    5. Unit Tests (100 points)

    The final exam is 10% of your year-end grade and is worth 100 points.


    participation in class



    You are expected to be in the classroom and ready to begin as soon as class starts.  Students arriving late will be marked late on attendance records unless a pass is presented to the teacher. 

    Our classroom is a respectful, academically-focused, and active learning environment.  If you choose not to participate in these ways, you will be asked to leave the room. 

    Bring course materials, paper and other standard school needs to class with you everyday. 

    In order to learn Spanish, you must be willing to speak Spanish, even if that means making mistakes.  I will ensure that other students do not disrespect your turn to speak, and I expect that you will not be disrespect others in the class. 

    You are expected to follow the school's statement on academic honesty and the World Language Department's policy on using online translation.  I am expected to follow through with consequences for violations of these policies.   

    Feel free to come to me with any questions or concerns you may have about the class or language learning.  You may also email me if that works better for you.  I will always be happy to help you find solutions to concerns you may have about your own learning, or about your peers. 

    teacher contact information



    Sra. María Shroyer

    I am best reached by email:  mch17@scasd.org

    AM Mount Nittany Middle School

    PM State College Area High School SOUTH







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