• Action Research
    This option is a specific process for conducting inquiry involving problem posing, planning, systematic data collection, and interpretation of the data. The goal of action research is to improve teaching by asking well-defined questions about teaching practices, followed by systematically gathering and interpreting data to answer those questions. The final step in the process is to take action to improve teaching practice. Action research can be conducted by individuals or in groups.
          1.   The teacher identifies a research question regarding the classroom, instructional practices, or educational theories.
          2.   A research plan is developed and shared with the supervisor. The plan will include:  what data will be collected, how it will be analyzed, how results will be shared, and a timeline for research process. 
          3.   As the research progresses, teachers may opt to keep a reflective journal.
          4.   The teacher is encouraged to share findings with other staff members.
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