• Peer Coaching
    (Pre-requisite training provided by the district is necessary to select this option.
    Possible cost consideration for guest teachers during the coaching process.)


    Peer coaching is a method of supervision that enables a staff member to work with a peer teacher in a clinical setting to examine, refine, and enhance professional performance. The peers work in a collaborative relationship that involves the teacher identifying the area of study for the peer coach and then together conducting a series of pre-conferences, observations, and post-conferences. The process is designed to improve instruction by shared analysis of lesson planning, details of the lesson, observational data and feedback.


        1. The teacher and peer coach must complete a series of supervision cycles (minimum three) during the school year (a cycle is defined as: pre-observation conference, observation/data collection, and post-observation conference).
        2. A summary of the process will be shared with the supervisor.


    Deirdre Bauer - dmb13
    Kris Dewitt - kld24
Last Modified on August 14, 2013