• Process Portfolio


    Teachers who are working to master the use of performance assessment in their classrooms may choose to experience the process themselves in this option. Portfolios begin with a focus question and progress to a plan to answer that question. Portfolios include a collection of artifacts and evidence that represent growth in thinking, planning, delivering, and assessing teaching.


    1. The portfolio should demonstrate growth in a particular area of choice, such as differentiated instruction, inclusion strategies or a district/building goal.

    2. The topic of the portfolio should be agreed upon between the supervising administrator and professional employee.

    3. Typical contents of a portfolio may be audio or video, in nature and may include samples of tasks, student work, lesson plans, and snapshots. Sometimes student letters, parent letters, research or graduate work related to the portfolio topic may be included.

    4. Reflective captions should be included for each piece of evidence selected for the portfolio.

    5. Portfolios should not simply be scrapbooks of lesson plans and student work, but rather they should be focused on the portfolio topic and should demonstrate growth. Since the professional development portfolio is designed to be a learner portfolio, it can look very different from one product to the other. The collection, selection and reflection, not the format, are the focus.

    6. Periodically the teacher will share the portfolio with the supervisor.

Last Modified on August 14, 2013