• Study Group, Critical Friends Group, or Conversation as Inquiry Group (CIG)

    (May require some professional development prior to group formation.)

    The structure provides staff with a collegial and collaborative opportunity to select a topic or theme and then identify ways to study it.  The mechanism for studying may involve discussions of current practice, analysis and case studies or selected readings, field trips, guest speakers, and interviews.
    1.   Small groups of professional employees initiate a topic for discussion.  The methods of sharing the growth from the process will be identified within the action plan.
    2.    Interested staff members mutually agree upon convenient meeting times every four to six weeks.
    3.    Conversation is open-ended with a focus on ideas, theories, and practices about topic.
    4.    Members of the group keep written records about insights and experiences that are shared with their supervisor.
    5.    Leadership is shared by all participants.
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Last Modified on August 14, 2013