• Video/Audio Tape Analysis

    Professionals who thrive on visual or auditory feedback may select this option. The purpose of this process is to provide an avenue to view, create, or listen to lessons with the focus on analysis and identification of areas of strength as well as strategies that might be executed differently.
    1.   The initial plan on the use of video or audio must be mutually agreed upon between the supervising administrator and professional employee. Technology support should also be identified at this time.
    2.   This activity is repeated over time and should be centered on a concept or activity mutually agreed upon between supervising administrator and professional employee.
    3.   Recordings can be analyzed individually or compared to previous recordings.
    4.   Observations on the thinking, behavior, and outcomes derived from the process must be shared in a reflective journal with the supervisor at least two times per year.
    Kris Dewitt - kld24
Last Modified on August 14, 2013