8th grade ART is more than just the finished art project. 

    My students will be learning about famous artists, experimenting with different art methods and materials and gaining a deeper knowledge of why the arts are so important for their overall educational experience. 
    I will prepare my students for our globally competitive workforce by developing their ability to innovate, communicate and collaborate. 
    Art education develops critical thinking by encouraging students to seek multiple interpretations to questions, rather than simple right or wrong answers so during their semester in my art class I will be challenging them in many different ways. 
    This semester our units of study will be:
     Art History Investigation.   Students will create their own art history pages in their "visual journal" (aka: art sketchbook). 
    2D- Observational Drawing - Seeing Space

     Still Life drawing project.     

    3D- Sculpture 
     Relief sculpture with cardboard and markers. 
    Fiber Arts  - Stitching
    Clay: Hand Building (Slab Construction) - Clay envelope and print background.
     Media Arts: Digital Photography and Animation
    Throughout the semester students will be creating and maintaining an ART Visual Journal in their sketchbooks.  This journal will hold their rough drafts, project test designs, art history lessons and their artist research assignments.  Plus in these journal, students will write their in-process thoughts, end of project reflection and artist statements.  
     Rubrics are used as a grading tool for each project.  The grading criteria depend on the project but generally, points are awarded for research and design planning, art materials used correctly, positive behavior and project completion.
Last Modified on January 12, 2021