•   8th grade ART is more than just the finished art project. 

    My students will be learning about famous artists, experimenting with different art methods and materials and gaining a deeper knowledge of why the arts are so important for their overall educational experience. 
    I will prepare my students for our globally competitive workforce by developing their ability to innovate, communicate and collaborate. 
    Art education develops critical thinking by encouraging students to seek multiple interpretations to questions, rather than simple right or wrong answers so during their semester in my art class I will be challenging them in many different ways. 
    This year our 6 units of study will be:
     Art History Investigation with each unit.   Students will create their own art history folder and regularly add to it throughout the semester. 
    2D- Observational Drawing - Seeing Space

    2 Still Life projects:  

          1. (small project) Abstract to Realistic: acrylic ink and paint AND  (large project) Realistic to Abstract: Mixed Media Still Life: 6 different art materials

          2. Figure Drawing using multi-perspective techniques.

    3D- Sculpture (Collaborative)  We will make one team sculptural project while learning about one or more famous artists who relate to our sculpture.  
    Fiber Arts and Clay: Hand Building (Slab Construction) 
    Students will be making a slab constructed vessel and using a variety of textile techniques they will add similar layers of basketry coils creating a hard/soft sculptural vessel.  
    Intro. to Wheel Throwing   I have 4 pottery wheels in my classroom.  
    Mixed Media: Digital Photography- Series of Three
    Throughout the semester students will also be creating and maintaining an ART PORTFOLIO using Google Sites.  Each unit of study will have its own page(s) documenting the artistic process both in photographs and in writing.  Students will write their in-process thoughts, end of project reflection and artist statements.  
     Rubrics are used as a grading tool for each project.  The grading criteria depend on the project but generally, points are awarded for research* and design worksheets, art materials used correctly, positive behavior and project completion.  At the beginning of each project, I review the project requirements and the grading rubric and I have a rubric hanging on the whiteboard throughout the project for easy reference.
    Monthly Homework Art Assignment- Each month students are given 1 homework assignment that will be assessed and shared with classmates. My goal with these assignments is to have students gather a broader knowledge of the art world.  They will research a variety of artists, art forms and art mediums.  More information can be found if you click on the Artist of the Month (AOTM) information on the toolbar.  Each critique is worth 40 points.  
    Additional notes:
    If students need additional time to complete an art project they can come to my art room during art lunch and/or AREA.
    Students may also be participating in Art contests, community events, and team activities throughout the semester.
    If you have an artistic talent you would like to share with my students or you simply want to come and see the amazingly creative process that goes on daily in my classroom please contact me and we can set up a visit.  
Last Modified on August 6, 2019