• Meet your Wellness Advocates

    Want to find ways to increase or maintain your health and fitness?
    Wellness advocates communicate activities that are available to SCASD faculty and staff.
    Corl Street Elementary:  
    Delta Program: Eric Marshall eam25@scasd.org
    Easterly Parkway Elementary:   Kirk Hoover kah30@scasd.org
    Ferguson Township Elementary:  Sean Hanna seh25@scasd.org
    Food Service: Megan Schaper mas15@scasd.org
    Gray's Woods Elementary: Anne Bruce acb11@scasd.org
    Spring Creek  Elementary: 
    Mount Nittany Elementary: 
    Mount Nittany Middle: Susan Taptich sat12@scasd.org
    Panorama Village: Cindy Sergeon  ces31@scasd.org
    Park Forest Elementary: Carly Funk ckr13@scasd.org, Amber Ligetti axl42@scasd.org
    Park Forest Middle: Karianne Chessario kls25@scasd.org, Allison Snyder als15@scasd.org
    Radio Park Elementary: Tiffany Brushwood tcb17@scasd.org
    State College Area High School
          South: Meghan McGinty mem52@scasd.org
          North:  Meghan McGinty mem52@scasd.org
Last Modified on September 19, 2021