• Faculty/Staff Wellness

    cartoon lion wearing fitness attire resting foot on basketball

    The mission of the Faculty/Staff Wellness Committee is to provide opportunities to all faculty and staff of the SCASD to:

    • gain knowledge and obtain skills that foster a healthy lifestyle; and
    • create a positive and healthy climate in our school district.


    We hope to educate and inspire you to take care of yourself this school year, and have created this year's initiative: Here are the focus points for each month:

    September: Water is key.
    October: Exercise to feel alive.
    November: Care about others.
    December: Are you laughing?
    January: Rest your head.
    February: Establish a new habit.
    March: Focus your mind.
    April: Optimize fruits and veggies.
    May: Restrict your sugar and salt
    June: Use time to value yourself. 
Last Modified on July 20, 2018