• Welcome to Band!!! 

    My name is Mrs. Brownson, and I am thrilled to be holding the baton at PFMS! Learn more about me on my About Me page!

    Due to the Corona Virus Crisis, we are planning for various types of instruction for the Fall of 2020. Please watch your email for more information.

    Stay safe and take care of each other!
    Mrs. B

    2019-20 Concerts:
    Jan. 21, 2020      7-8 Band Winter Concert 7:30 PM
    March 17, 2020  PFMS Jazz Band at SCAHS Jazz Festival (TBD)
    April 2, 2020      PFMS Jazz Band at Jazz at Lincoln Center clinic
    April 4, 2020      PFMS Jazz Band at Penn State Jazz Festival (TBD)
    Apr. 30, 2020      Symphonic Band Concert (PFMS and MNMS) 7:30 PM (TBD)
    May 12, 2020     8th Grade Choir and Band Concert 7:30 PM (TBD)
    May 27, 2020     SCASD Jazz Night (at HS) 7:30 PM (TBD)
    June 2, 2020      7th Grade Choir and Band Concert 7:30 PM (TBD)
    Band instruments
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    If you need to contact me, please send me a note at rhb12@scasd.org or call my school phone at 814.272.3882. 
    Please check out the new requested items on my Recommended Equipment page! All Band students will need a BINDER and Tradition of Excellence book (see director for which level you need) for Band. 

    Jazz and Symphonic After School Rehearsal calendar: Please click on the link to take you to it. You can subscribe so it's on your calendar, too!


    Band Rules!!!


    Respect: Self, Others, Property

    Organization: Keep it together, bring your instrument and accessories and have all your music with you! This goes for everyone.

    Attitude: Positive, willing to work, and encouraging!

    Responsibility: Prepare, Show up, Work hard, Help others!

    The ensemble curriculum is based on the National Association for Music Education's 2014 Standards: Ensemble Strand. Check here for more information. 


    Lessons are on a rotating schedule. Lessons are an important part of Band Curriculum, and your grade. Your lesson will be on the SAME CYCLE DAY each time, and will move from A to B days each quarter. It will rotate throughout the day, so the student shouldn’t miss the same time more than once a month maximum, and lessons are half a block (40 min.). I will hop blocks so you don't miss the same class two weeks in a row, so you will need to regularly check your schedule to know when yours is that day--it's pretty complicated. Schedules will be made early (4 times a year, unless we have lots of snow days again), posted and emailed to all parents, students, and everyone at PFMS. PLEASE, FIGURE OUT A WAY TO REMIND YOURSELF. Whether it’s writing it in your assignment notebook, putting it on a home calendar, recruiting a friend to remind you, putting it in your google calendar, or writing it on your hand in Sharpie, it is your responsibility to know when your lesson is. I can’t chase people down--time is short and the school is big, and if I do it for one but forget for another, it’s not fair. Lessons will be in the morning and afternoon, but students will not have to miss lunch. 

    Lessons will take place in the Band Room (556). 


    Both bands rehearse day 3 and 6, and each Band has one AREA rehearsal as well. 8th grade rehearses day 2 AREA, 7th grade rehearses day 3. THIS IS OUR CLASS PERIOD,  AND WILL BE GRADED. Band Area is required and part of your grade. These rehearsals are where we put things together as a group, and in order to do this, you must prepare your music ahead of time. I can't solve notes and rhythms problems when I have large numbers of people in front of me playing 14 different instruments. Please practice ahead of time so you can be 100% tuned in to what we are doing as an ensemble.

    PFMS Bands play at two concerts per year. The 7th and 8th grade Band concert takes place in January, and the Spring concerts are grade-level concerts (7th Band with 7th Choir, 8th Band with 8th Choir.) Students are expected to perform at all concerts, and family and friends are invited and encouraged to come cheer them on and enjoy the fruits of all their hard work!
    There are two enrichment groups at PFMS, and both meet as co-curricular musical groups held during AREA with some after school practices. On day 6, the PFMS Jazz Band meets, and on day 4, the Symphonic Band meets. Students can audition or be recommended for available spots, and if they make it and become a part of either band, they will earn extra credit every cycle. The Symphonic Bands concert is in the spring, shared with Mount Nittany Middle School, and the Jazz Band has additional performance opportunities throughout the year, including the State High Jazz Fest, State High Jazz Night (our concert), school performances, and PSU's Jazz Fest. Jazz Band is open to 7th and 8th graders who are enrolled in Band or Orchestra (bass/piano/guitar), and plays traditional Big Band literature. Symphonic Band plays traditional concert band literature, but the level is more difficult and the band is open to 6th, 7th and 8th graders by audition or teacher recommendation.  Please check the school calendar for the dates of this year's concerts!
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