The Timber Rattler Academic Literacy on-team classes are part of the team schedule, so here is some information that may be helpful.
    From the PA Dept of Education Comprehensive Literacy Plan
    "Students must be able to read more challenging and complex text; moreover, they will need experiences that enable them to use literacy as a tool for learning the content in each of the academic disciplines... literacy skills are important for learning academic content." (p. 1) 
    Academic Literacy Course Description (given to the School Board of Directors):
     Academic and technical literacy is necessary for success in today’s highly educated global society.  Effective reading has become a cognitive science that requires students to interact with texts in an effort to construct meaning. Throughout this course, students will be explicitly taught reading and writing strategies for vocabulary development, narrative text, and informational text. These skills will assist them with interactive reading, reflection, and written expression.  Students will be able to apply academic literacy skills to any level of curriculum in any content area.  Students will also be able to identify their own areas of interest and learn how to access a variety of materials to read for fun.
Last Modified on August 16, 2018