• Germany for Kids and Teens
    Wonder what it's like being a kid in Germany? Meet 11-year-old Phillippe! See what kind of food he eats, what music he listens to, and what he likes to do for fun!
    Die Seite mit der Maus
    This website comes from "Die Sendung mit der Maus" ("The show with the Mouse"),  a popular, award-winning tv program in Germany for kids. It's great to explore the site if you're just starting to learn the language. Join the Maus, Ente, and Elefant for games, videos, and goofy interactive stories.
    National Geographic Kids: Germany 
    Facts, photos, and videos about Germany from National Geographic Kids.
    Goethe Institute
    The Goethe Institute - named after the famous poet, writer, and philosopher Johan Wolfgang von Goethe (pronounced kind of like "GER-tuh") - is operated worldwide by the Federal Republic of Germany with the purpose of informing people about German language and culture.
    Facts about Germany
    This comprehensive reference guide is available in 19 languages and includes information on the topics of geography, population, history, society, culture, and communication.
    German Food Guide
    Explore cultural information about German food as well as recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and everything in between.
    Fun activities for kids. This site is from Germany and is visited by German kids. Go ahead and challenge yourself to see how much you understand!
    Beolingus Dictionary
    This comprehensive dictionary was named after the very communicative hill myna bird (Germans call it a "Beo") and has over 580,000 German word translations.  
Last Modified on August 25, 2016