• State High Reads (2012-13):  The Last Survivors Series!
    Meet 2 teenagers after a world wide catastrophic event changes their lives forever.
    Read Life As We Knew It, or The Dead and the Gone by Susan Beth Pfeffer

    Dear Ms. Scarangella-
    Thank you so much for your email and for using my books for State College Area High School "all school reads."
    I love everything about it- the events, the posters, the way each book was presented as a possibility. I especially love the perfect timing!
    Thank you for letting me know about it. And if there's some way I can extend a greeting to the students and staff, please let me know                        - Sue Pfeffer (posted with permission)

       Copies available in the North and South libraries.
    Do I have to read all 3 books? Absolutely not!  Read 1, or all 3. 
    Want a girls point of view? Read LAWKI.  Would you rather read about the
    city, or from a young man’s point of view? Read DATG!  The third book,
    TWWLI, is a story in itself and could be read without reading the others!

    Do you have an iPad (or other tablet?) Try an ebook. 
    Download the Follett Digital Reader App.
    Log in info: (type the bold information)
    and enter you SCASD user name (abc11) and password.
    (There is a textflow option for your phone. Using a browser go to the url
    and login.)
    This is not compatible with Kindle and Nooks.

    Are audio books available?  Yes! You can download any of
    these books (and more!) right to an app on your tablet or phone.

    Click here, or check with the library staff for easy directions.

    Could an asteroid really "move" the moon? Some opinions on this video!

    Teachers click here for more information including discussion questions.
    "I am reading..." posters: LAWKI  DATG  TWWLI


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