• Sibling Club  
    Permission slip can be obtain here
    The new Gray’s Woods SiblingsClub is designed for students that have a brother or sister with special needs.  With our school counselor, LaraineBortner and autistic and emotional support teacher, Sara Hackman, students willparticipate in a variety of small group activities to make connections withother children who may be encountering similar feelings and experiences withtheir sibling(s).


    The Siblings Club willmeet once a month on Thursday or Friday afternoons at 1:45-2:30.  Students will miss any instructionoccurring in their regular classroom during that time.  Any homework assigned during this timewill be made up at the discretion of the regular education teacher.


    Rules for Gray’s WoodsSiblings Club:


    ·     Students willkeep all information shared during sibling club confidential, within the group

    ·     Students areexpected to follow the same rules given to them in their classrooms and therest of the school building.

    ·     Students willtreat adults, classmates, and property with respect.

    ·     Students willsay positive, and encouraging things to others and make people feel good on theinside

    ·     Students areto keep each other safe on the outside

Last Modified on August 28, 2013