• How to Place an ILL (Inter-school Library Loan) Through Destiny
    Destiny is the name of the software program that manages all of the catalogs and circulation systems of every library in the SCASD. Every staff member has an account set up in Destiny and you may open your account by following these directions:
    What is an ILL?
    • An ILL is the name of the process that allows you to borrow books through the PFE Library from any of the other libraries in the State College Area School District 
    Here are a few things that you need to know about how ILL works in the SCASD:  all libraries will do their best to loan any items available with these two exceptions:
    • A library may deny an ILL request if they know that a group or division within their school is teaching a specific part of the curriculum at the same time as your request.  For example:  if you request a book about tadpoles from Radio Park at the same time their students are studying wetlands, that library may deny your request.  
    • Also, if you request a book that is extremely popular, a library has the option to deny that request as well.  
    Otherwise, feel free to place your requests as needed.  Also keep in mind:  
    • Please plan ahead and count on 5-7 days for your Hold to be processed.  
    • All Holds must be placed through Destiny -- please do not email a specific library with your request. 
    How to Sign Into Your Personal Account in Destiny: 
    • Go to the PFE Library's home page and click on the Library Catalog link or click here to go directly to your log in  
    • Sign into Destiny by clicking on the Login Button in the top right corner of the screen above the upper green line
    • Type your SCASD User ID (such as abc11) into the User Name field
    • Type your SCASD email password into the Password field and click on Login  
    How to locate title that you wish to borrow:
    • Click on the Catalog tab from the menu at the top of the screen.
    • Locate the book you want to borrow from another school and click on the title so that you are seeing information only about the exact title that you want. 
    • Here is an example of what the individual item's screen should look like in order to proceed with your request:
    Image of a Book's Record Hold It Button
    How to search the library catalog for items available at other SCASD libraries?
    • Be sure to change the Location before conducting your search if you want to look for a book in the other school libraries' catalogs.
    • To change the Location of the search locate the Narrow Your Search Window on the catalog search page, see example below.  If the box isn't fully open as it appears below, click on the Show More arrow.  
    • Narrow Search Box  
    • Toggle the Location Box to choose which SCASD libraries' catalogs you would like to search. 
    How to request a book through ILL (Destiny calls this process a HOLD):
    • Click on the Hold It button in the item's information screen -- it is the last button in the column of buttons at the top of the screen on the right.
    • A new screen appears labeled Requesting -- It is recommended that you use the time default of "as soon as possible."
    • Do you need multiple copies of this item?  If so, look at the Copies line and see if other copies are available throughout the district. If multiple copies are available, indicate in the Hold box how many copies of the item you want.
    • Click on Save.
    • As time permits, the library will respond by filling your request or denying it.  
    • You may track the progress of your holds my clicking on the My Info tab in Destiny and looking under the heading Holds.
    • Once the item arrives at PFE, the library staff will deliver it to you or place it in your mailbox.
    How to return an ILL item to another school: 
    • Return the item to the PFE Library. (Please do not return it to the loaning library on your own -- that interferes with the process.)
    • The library staff will check your item in and return it to the loaning library for you.
    If you have any questions about this process, please check with Becky, Paije or Celeste in the PFE Library! 
Last Modified on August 21, 2018