• ADOPTED: December 16, 1996                                                        REVISED: July 13, 2009
    The State College Area School District recognizes the importance of a safe school environment relative to the educational process. Possession of weapons in the school setting is a threat to the safety of students and staff and is prohibited by law.
    Weapon – shall include any object, device or instrument designed as a weapon or through its use is capable of threatening or producing bodily harm or which may be used to inflict self-injury including, but not limited to , any firearm, whether loaded or unloaded; pneumatic guns, including, but not limited to, pellet, BB, airsoft and paintball guns; knives; blades; clubs; metal knuckles; numchucks; throwing stars; and explosive, incendiary or poisonous gas; any combustible or flammable liquid; fireworks; mace and other propellants; stunguns; ammunition ; poisons; chains; arrows; objects that have been modified to serve as a weapon; or any other item which is used to threaten, strike terror, or cause bodily harm or death even though it is normally considered to not present a danger to others.
    Possessing - a student is in possession of a weapon when the weapon is found on the person of the student; in the student's locker; in the student’s vehicle; under the student's control while on school property, on property being used by the school, at any school function or activity, at any school event held away from the school, or while the student is coming to or from school.
    The State College Board prohibits students from possessing and bringing weapons and replicas of weapons into any school district buildings, onto school property, to any school-sponsored activity, and onto any public vehicle providing transportation to school or a school-sponsored activity.
Last Modified on January 2, 2014