•  What does a PAWS ticket look like?
    How do students earn PAWS tickets?  Students earn PAWS tickets by exhibiting exemplary PAWSitive behavior.  Any staff member can give a student a PAWS ticket at any time.
    What happens when a student gets a ticket?  PAWS tickets are duplicate white and yellow copies.  The student places the white copy in a PAWS ticket container in homeroom.  The student takes the yellow copy of the ticket home to share with family.  At the end of the day every Friday, the homeroom teacher randomly pulls one ticket.  That student receives a reward such as a Corl St. pencil, a Corl St. tattoo, or something similar.  We keep track of which student receive rewards to prevent repeating until every student in that homeroom has been recognized and rewarded.  The white copy of the student's ticket is sent to the office.  Those students will be recognized at our monthly whole school gathering and receive a special reward.  Special rewards include lunch or breakfast with the principal, lunch with a teacher, or something special.
    What happens with the rest of the tickets?   We collect all of the tickets each week and enter them into a data base.  The information helps us understand which aspects of our program are working well and which aspects need to be improved.  
Last Modified on August 27, 2015