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    The SCASD guideline for homework is 10 minutes per night per grade level.  First Graders should, therefore, being doing 10 minutes of homework each night.  In First Grade we students should read every night.  This should be practice for your child with a "just right book."  
    A "just right book" can be found by doing the 5 Finger Check. The 5 Finger Check is done by opening a book to any page and having your child begin to read.   If your child misses more than 5 words on the page, the book is too difficult and they should select another book.  Your child will be coming home from the school library with one book that is a "just right book" and one that is anything they choose.  During the first few weeks of school, however, the students will select books of their choice.
    Your child may also come home with sight word cards. These cards should be reviewed a couple of times each evening until your child can recognize the words automatically.
Last Modified on July 20, 2019