THE BIRDS          Cast List:  in order of appearance with act I and II doubling

                     Pithetaerus The Footloose, a crapple  -              Zak Kalp

                     Euelpides The Footsore, a fearling -                    Ian Gregory

    Trochilus, the butler bird (act 1) -                       Maddie Myford

    First Messenger(act 2)                               

    EPOPS, King of the Birds -                                      Max Hults

    Procne  the Nightingale, wife to Epops -            Erin Redwing

    Leader of The Bird Chorus -                                   Kaitlyn Warner

                     CHORUS of BIRDS*

    Captain of The Birds (act 1) -                                Brian Cunningham

    Prometheus  (act 2)                                    

    Priest Bird(act 1) -                                                    Emma Kesidis

    Herald (act 2)                                               

    Poet -                                                                              Olivia Lusk

    Prophet (act 1)-                                                         Caroline Shea


    Real Estate Man(act 1) -                                           Levi Sublett

    Barbarian God (act2)

    Inspector (act1) -                                                       Michael Sellers

    Hercules (act 2)

    Lawyer (act 1) -                                                          Gregory Patrick

    Neptune (act 2)

    Iris the Swift, a small time Goddess -                    Lydia Malcom

    * CHORUS of BIRDS:

                            Lina Ruth Duiker                   Connor McCandless

                            Natalie Farnsworth               Jon Perini

                            Clara Hanahan                        Justin Shondeck

                            Sadie Spivey                            Devon Tighe

                            Rowan Staley                          Eli Yurman

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