• PDE Standards Aligned System

    The Standards Aligned System is a comprehensive approach to support student achievement across the Commonwealth. The standards aligned system (SAS) supports the goal of PDE to ensure that all students, including every English Language learner in the mainstream classroom, can succeed in their core competencies. The ELL Overlay provides classroom/content teachers with instructional support in meeting the academic needs of ELLs.

     The components of SAS:

    1.   Clear Standards

    2.   Fair Assessments

    3.   Curriculum Framework

    4.   Instruction

    5.   Materials and Resources

    6.   Interventions 

    In order to access the ELL component of the SAS follow these steps:

    1.  Visit the following website


    2.  Click on the heading ‘Curriculum Framework’

    3.  Then click on the tab ‘ELL Overlay’

    -       Navigate this page to read about the specific performance indicators in the areas of mathematics and literacy.

Last Modified on September 26, 2013