• We require all patrons, groups and teams using the Natatorium facility
    to abide by the following expectations:
    1.   Running is prohibited on the pool deck, bleacher area and locker rooms.
    2.   Food and gum are not permitted on the pool deck.
    3.  All electronic devices (including cell phones and iPods, etc.) are prohibited for use within the locker rooms.
    4.  Lockers are available for temporary use; all items must be removed from the lockers at the end of each program.  Items cannot be kept in lockers overnight.
    5.   Curricular classes require the following regarding bathing suits:
          a.   Girls are expected to wear a one-piece bathing suit or a colored T-shirt over any two piece suit.
          b.   Boys are required to wear swim trunks that tie. 
    6.   Patrons may not enter the water until a lifeguard has taken the stand,
    7.   Breath holding activities are prohibited.
    8.   All medical concerns must be reported to the supervisor on duty prior to entering the water.
    9.   Diving is permitted at 9ft and deeper only.  
    10.   Changing of any child in the bleacher area is prohibited. Please change all infants and children in the locker rooms.
    11.   Children ages 6 years and older are required to use the gender appropriate locker room.
    12.   All patrons, parents, instructors and coaches must be respectful of all aquatic staff.
    13.   Any type of horseplay or inappropriate behavior including hazing, bullying or sexual harassment is prohibited.
    14.   All patrons are required to shower before entering the pool.  Showering assists in keeping the pool water clean by washing off body oils, sweat, make-up, etc.
    15.   Glass is not permitted anywhere within the Natatorium Facility.
    16.   Wet swimmers are not permitted in the bleacher area.
    Offenders of the above mentioned policies are subject to lose the ability to use the Natatorium facility.
Last Modified on December 6, 2016