• Real-World Writing Purposes




    When students understand the real-world purposes for writing (instead of simply writing to meet the next school requirement) they begin to internalize the relevance of writing, and more important, they develop an understanding that writing is an important skill to carry into adulthood. When students begin to understand this relevance, their writing improves.”

    ~ Kelly Gallagher, Write Like This, Page 9.

    Express and Reflect

    The writer…

    expresses or reflects on his or her own life and experiences.

    often looks backward in order to look forward.

    Inform and Explain

    The writer…

    states a main point and purpose.

    tries to present the information in a surprising way.

    Evaluate and Judge

    The writer…

    focuses on the worth of person, object, idea, or other phenomenon.

    usually specifies the criteria to the object being seen as “good” or “bad.”

    Inquire and Explore

    The writer…

    wrestles with a question or problem.

    hooks with the problem and lets the reader watch them wrestle with it.

    Analyze and Interpret

    The writer…

    seeks to analyze and interpret phenomena that are difficult to understand and explain

    Take a Stand / Propose a Solution

    The writer…

    seeks to persuade audiences to accept a particular position on a controversial issues.

    describes the problem, proposes a solution, and provides justification.

    WriteLike This: Teaching Real-World Writing Through Modeling and MentorTextsby Kelly Gallagher. Copyright ©2011. Stenhouse Publishers.

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