• Tax Implications chart  
    2. Tax implications include the high school project only, and would be added to your existing school property taxes for the duration of the bonds funding the project. These numbers are current as of September 2013.
    3. Mills are preliminary estimates assuming that thirty-year bonds will fund the project and that the district will direct 1/2 (one half) mill of its existing capital reserve budget toward the high school project. If these assumptions change, your property tax impact would be different.
    $. Taxes are based on the average assessed value of a single family residential property in the SCASD ($71,296). Assessed value equals 50% of 1995 market value. To estimate your additional tax impact, locate your assessed value on your most recent tax bill, divide by 1000, then multiply by the mills from the table above. You can also visit the online property tax estimator.
    5. Percent increases are based on the 2013-14 property tax rate of 38.75 mills, or $38.75 per $1000 of assessed value.
Last Modified on November 4, 2013