• As a starting point for the development of the 2014-15 fiscal year budget, we reviewed the deadlines established by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. These established deadlines are on the next page. We will expand the schedule to include additional steps in the budget process for review at a future meeting.

    The Act 1 Index of 2.1% was published in September. This percentage represents the maximum tax increase available without requesting use of exceptions.


    State College Area School District
    Budget Development Deadlines

    2014-2015 Fiscal Year

    January 2014

    ·       Adopt Resolution to stay within the Act 1 Index or make 2014-15 Proposed Preliminary Budget available for public inspection – January 30, 2014

    February 2014

    ·       Adopt a Preliminary Budget - February 19, 2014

    o   Not required if resolution to stay within the Act 1 index was passed in January

    o   Public notice of intent to adopt ten (10) days prior to Preliminary Budget adoption

    ·       Governor’s Budget released

    March 2014

    ·       Request approval from PDE for referendum exceptions – March 6, 2014

    o   Public notice of intent to apply to PDE for referendum exception due February 27, 2014

    June 2014

    ·       Adopt Proposed Final Budget – June 2, 2014 (May 31 is a Saturday)

    ·       Adopt Final Budget for the 2014-2015 fiscal year - June 30, 2014

    o   Public notice of intent to adopt ten (10) days prior to budget adoption

    o   Proposed budget must be made available for public inspection at least twenty (20) days prior to adoption


Last Modified on November 18, 2013