2020 PFMS Volleyball Season
                                  Head Coach:             Dave Thomas   dtatpsu@gmail.com
                                  Assistant Coaches:  
                                                                    Paige Winscot
                                                                    Kim Elliot                                                         

     News as of 8/5, stay safe and stay hopeful - Coach Thomas

    2020 Season
    The deadine for submitting physicals and updating PRIVIT has been moved from 8/3 to 8/14.  That is all I know at this time but more details may be coming after the next board meeting.  As of 8/5 there is still no 'first step' for middle school sports. 
    On 7/7 the State College School Board passed a preliminary step for restarting sports in the school district.  This first step only applies to High School sports, PFMS and MNMS are NOT part of this step.  For HS athletes, there are still many restrictions.  For instance:
    • Optional workouts, not practices, are only allowed (that means individual training, not team training)
    • All workouts must be approved by the Athletic Office
    • All workouts must be held outdoors, still not allowed in gyms
    • Workouts are limited to 25
    • Athletes must submit a 'self screening' to participate on a given day
    • Athletes must bring their own water, none will be available on the fields
    • A restroom will be available but locker rooms are closed
    • Coaches must wear masks, and athetes are required to wear masks at certain times
    • No visitors/spectators are allowed at the workouts
    • etc

    These are challenging times and as things permit I am willing to do what it takes to get our PFMS voleyball players back on the court in a safe manner.  I will keep you posted as I learn more.  And last, there still is NO DECISION on whether there even will be fall school sports.

    NOTE: these are SCASD rules and don't apply to club sports



    2019 Season
    PFMS Volleyball will be represented by 27 amazing young women and aspiring athletes.  We have 11 returning players, 2 new 8th graders and 14 7th graders ready to compete this fall.  We wish the best for the young ladies that we were not able to take this season.  In other years many of these players would have made the team.  The sport is popular and we just don't have the ability to take everyone.  The pre-season has gone great.  It is a very inteligent group that works hard.  We're all looking forward to another fun and exciting season!
    During the summer of 2019 the PFMS community lost Ashley Stout in a tragic accident.  Ashley was friends with many of the players on the volleyball team.  On Monday 9/23 the teams from MNMS and PFMS showed their love for Ashley and support for her family.  We will never forget her.
    Meredith and Mayra address the crowd.
    Meredith Lee and Myra Briggs address the crowd while their teammates stand in support.
    2019 Upcoming Events and Recent Changes
    10/15   @MNMS   4:30PM   NO return bus
    10/17   NO Practice           Team invited to watch PFMS vs MNMS soccer @ North Field at High School   6PM
    10/18   Practice   10 - 12
    10/21   @BEA     4:00PM
    10/28   Banquet   6 - 8   @PFMS
    2019 ROSTER
    2019 FULL SCHEDULE (updated 10/13/19)
    If you are driving your daughter home after an AWAY match, you need to sign her our with one of the coaches.  If you are taking someone else's daughter home after an AWAY match, you need to file the following request form with the athletic's office.
    2019 Information on Club Volleyball
    IPV and RELENTLESS provide opportunities for players to continue playing volleyball after the school season has ended. 
    They will have 2 parent informational meetings.

    Sunday, Oct. 20 at 2:15 pm at C3 Sports - *focused more on 14U and younger
    Sunday, Nov 3 at 2:15 pm at C3 Sports - *focused more on 15U and older. 
    All Players
    Full Team
    Fun Team Picture  
    8th Graders
    8th Graders  
    7th Graders
    7th Graders
    DIRECTIONS  (please use with your own GPS, Maps, etc)
    Penns Valley HS, 4258 Penns Valley Rd, Spring Mills, Pa    
    Huntingdon HS                                                             
    Mifflin County JHS                                                          
    Holidaysburg JHS, 1000 Hewitt St, Holidaysburg, Pa          
    Bald Eagle JH/HS, 751 S Eagle Valley Rd, Wingate, Pa       
    Philipsburg Osceola JHS                                               
    Altoona JHS, 1400 7th Ave, Altoona, Pa                        
    West Branch HS, 516 Allport Cutoff, Morrisdale, Pa
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