Girls Middle School Volleyball Intramurals are back for 2021! 
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    2020 PFMS Volleyball Season
                                  Head Coach:             Dave Thomas   dtatpsu@gmail.com
                                  Assistant Coach:      Marisa Lytle
    2020 Season
    Beginning Monday 9/28 some restrictions we have been under have been lifted and in October we will start competing against other schools.  Our roster is now frozen, comprised of 16 8th graders and 12 7th graders.  Congratulations to all the athletes.  They have worked hard the last couple of weeks and have been excellent about following the new rules. Players will no longer have designated OFF days.  Practices will be 4-6 Monday thru Friday (unless we have a match) and all players are invited to all practices.  Players and Coaches are STILL REQUIRED to do the daily self screenings and to wear masks at all times in the gym.  We will designate more areas in the gym to spread out the players bags while we are practicing. 
    End of Season Celebration
    11/05   4-5:30  @Circleville Park  (unfortunately, this year is players and coaches only)
    7th and 8th Grade Competition
    Each year we try to end the season with a competition day to crown the 7th and 8th grade champions.
    7th Grade Champion - McKenna Kulka, Runner Up - Erin Ruth
    8th Grade Champion - Morgan Roan, Runner Up - Annie LaMotta
    Match Schedule
    10/03   TBD     HOME   Holidaysburg - CANCELLED
    10/05   4:00    AWAY   Penns Valley
    10/07   4:15    HOME   Altoona
    10/08   4:15    HOME   Mount Nittany
    10/12   4:00     AWAY   Holidaysburg
    10/17   Noon   HOME   Holidaysburg  @ State College High - CANCELLED
    10/22   4:30    AWAY   MNMS (NO return bus)
    10/26   TBD     AWAY   Phillipsburg - CANCELLED
    10/28   4:15    HOME   Penns Valley
    The things we have been doing so far still need to be done.
    1) Perform a self-screening each day 
    2)  Bring a mask and hand sanitizer
    1)  Place your bags on the stands or along the wall with the closets AND keep them 6' apart
    2)  Wear a mask at all times while we are indoors
    3)  Maintain 6' social distancing between teammates whenever possible
    4)  Share NOTHING (i.e. food, clothing, etc)
    5)  Limit physical contact as much as possible (be creative, develop new touchless ways to celebrate)
    1)  Make sure the gym is clean
    2)  Wear a mask and maintain social distancing while waiting for your rides
    3)  Take a shower as soon as you get home
    Participation Form


    During the summer of 2019 the PFMS community lost Ashley Stout in a tragic accident.  Ashley was friends with many of the players on the volleyball team.  On Monday 9/23/19 the teams from MNMS and PFMS showed their love for Ashley and support for her family.  We will never forget her, a year has passed and it's still hard for us to believe.  Our thoughts go out to the entire Stout family.
    Meredith and Mayra address the crowd.
    Meredith Lee and Myra Briggs address the crowd while their teammates stand in support.
    2020 ROSTER
    If you are driving your daughter home after an AWAY match, you need to sign her our with one of the coaches.  If you are taking someone else's daughter home after an AWAY match, you need to file the following request form with the athletic's office.
    2020 Information on Club Volleyball
    All Players
    8th Graders
    7th Graders
    DIRECTIONS  (please use with your own GPS, Maps, etc)
    Penns Valley HS, 4258 Penns Valley Rd, Spring Mills, Pa    
    Huntingdon HS                                                             
    Mifflin County JHS                                                          
    Holidaysburg JHS, 1000 Hewitt St, Holidaysburg, Pa          
    Bald Eagle JH/HS, 751 S Eagle Valley Rd, Wingate, Pa       
    Philipsburg Osceola JHS, 200 Short St, Philipsburg, Pa                                             
    Altoona JHS, 1400 7th Ave, Altoona, Pa                        
    West Branch HS, 516 Allport Cutoff, Morrisdale, Pa
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