Masks must be worn indoors!
    Congratulations to the Maroon team on their 3rd place finish at the BEA Invitational

    2021 PFMS Volleyball Season
                                  Head Coach:             Dave Thomas   dtatpsu@gmail.com
                                  Assistant Coach:      Marisa Lytle
                                  Team Manager:        Stella Cawley
    2021 Season
    Planning for the 2021 fall volleyball season has begun.  At this time, we expect some of the COVID restrictions to ease up and the 2021-22 school/athletic schedules to be more like we were used to in 2019.  Things can change, and we will adapt as necessary.
    This year we are excited to have 23 student-athletes participating in volleyball.  We have 9 returning players, 6 new 8th graders, and 8 7th graders.  We wish the young ladies who didn't make the team the best of luck and hope they will tryout again next year.  We're looking forward to an exciting and fun season ahead. 

    Upcoming Week
    10/11  Penns Valley    4:30   @PFMS    
    10/12  Practice            4-6
    10/13  West Branch    4:30   @PFMS    
    10/14  Practice            4-6   
    10/15  NO PRACTICE     
    10/18  Practice            4-6
    10/19  Practice            4-6
    10/19  Martinsburg     4:30   @PFMS
    2021 Friday Bonding
    The end of practice on Friday's is a time for bonding and having a little fun before we head off for the weekend.  This week Parker, Erin and Stella organized some volleyball in the dark.
    2021 COVID Protocols
    1) Bring a mask and hand sanitizer
    1)  Place your bags on the stands or along the wall with the closets AND keep them apart
    2)  Wear a mask at all times while we are indoors
    3)  Maintain social distancing between teammates whenever possible
    4)  Share NOTHING (i.e. food, clothing, etc)
    5)  Limit physical contact as much as possible (be creative, develop new touchless ways to celebrate)
    1)  Make sure the gym is clean
    2021 Roster
    2021 Full Schedule
    If you are driving your daughter home after an AWAY match, you need to sign her our with one of the coaches.  If you are taking someone else's daughter home after an AWAY match, you need to file the following request form with the athletic's office.
    2021 Team Pictures
    All Players
    8th Graders
    7th Graders
    2021 Information on Club Volleyball
    2022 Intramurals
    2022 Tryout Information
    Steps REQUIRED to be eligible to tryout
    1)  You must enter all your contact info into the school's new application Family ID
    2)  Next you must get a physical and upload the information into Family ID
    3)  And finally, you must complete the concussion baseline testing
    Once all forms are filled out, the athletic trainers will review the records for completeness
    The physical needs to be done once per school year.  So if you tryout for other sports in the winter and/or spring you do not need to do it again (you will have to go back in and check off the sport(s) you are trying out for). Concussion baseline testing needs to be done every other year.


    During the summer of 2019 the PFMS community lost Ashley Stout in a tragic accident.  Ashley was friends with many of the players on the volleyball team.  On Monday 9/23/19 the teams from MNMS and PFMS showed their love for Ashley and support for her family.  We will never forget her, a year has passed and it's still hard for us to believe.  Our thoughts go out to the entire Stout family.
    Meredith and Mayra address the crowd.
    Meredith Lee and Myra Briggs address the crowd while their teammates stand in support.
    DIRECTIONS  (please use with your own GPS, Maps, etc)
    Penns Valley HS, 4258 Penns Valley Rd, Spring Mills, Pa                                                             
    Holidaysburg JHS, 1000 Hewitt St, Holidaysburg, Pa          
    Bald Eagle JH/HS, 710 S Eagle Valley Rd, Wingate, Pa       
    Philipsburg Osceola JHS, 200 Short St, Philipsburg, Pa                                             
    Altoona JHS, 1400 7th Ave, Altoona, Pa                        
    West Branch HS, 516 Allport Cutoff, Morrisdale, Pa
    Central HS, 718 Central Rd, Martinsburg, Pa
    Central Mountain Middle School, 200 Bean Ave, Mill Hall, Pa
Last Modified on October 14, 2021