Technology is an important part of education and it can get overwhelming and confusing. Here are a few of the resources we will use regularly this year, a link to access them (some may only be available from student SCASD accounts) and information about what it is used for.

    File:Google Classroom Logo.pngGoogle Apps for Education

    • Google Drive

      • Google Drive is our primary location for doing work in the classroom. Resources include Google Docs (word processing), Google Forms (surveys, quizzes, conferring, etc), Google Slides (presentations), and even features like Google My Maps, extensions, and more.

      • Students will work through each at a variety of points throughout the year with time for guided practice and time for independent work.

      • Google Drive and Google Apps for Education can be accessed anywhere that has an internet connection, and some items like Google Docs can be modified offline to be uploaded later.

      • Log in: students will need to use their SCASD credentials

    • Google Classroom

      • Google Classroom is where students will find online documents, handouts, worksheets, videos, and more for each of their classes.

      • Teachers will share class codes with students or may upload students automatically.

      • Students will need to be logged into the SCASD domain.

      • Documents and work shared here will be submitted by students electronically and will included due dates, email reminders, and the availability of teacher comments/feedback.

      • Some assignments may be graded in Google Classroom.

    Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 8.03.17 AM.png  SCASD

    • MNMS

      • The MNMS homepage will give access to important updates and information throughout the school year.

      • The calendar and links on the left column will be particularly helpful.

      • Click on STAFF at the top to find contact information for teachers in the building.

    • MNMS library

      • Reading and research! We will visit the MNMS library often and being familiar with the website will help students navigate quickly.

      • Students will need to log in with SCASD credentials to see books checked out.

    • Portal

      • This is the area where students and parents can find updates, look at schedules, and sign up for AREA.

    • Home Access Center (HAC)

      • This is where students and parents can check grades. Be sure you are checking weekly!

    Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 8.13.27 AM.png Yellow Team Website

    • Yellow Team teachers each have a webpage, on our homepage you will find email addresses for each teacher as well as quick links to assignment pages.

    plane  Room 113 Website

    • Our own website that is updated weekly if not daily. This is where weekly updates about curriculum, homework, pictures from the classroom, and more will be posted.
Last Modified on June 15, 2018